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Mini game - cat tapping

This is cat tapping game. Cat is nervous because of the fleas in her fur. You goal is to help the cat to get rid of them before she walks away.

When a cat appears on the right or left side, you need to tap as many times as the number on the cat shows. That is the number of the fleas you have to remove from the cat. Each tap represents one gently scratch and removes one flea. But be careful, if you tap the cat too many times, the cat will become annoyed and it will start scratching you in not a gentle way.

Cat can have different number of flea every time it appears on the screen. Sometimes a cat can walk in with 0 fleas. When that happens you shouldn't tap the screen.

Save the cat as many times you can and get some achievements or just try to make the new world record of saved cats. Be the cat's hero!

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